General Tips and Advice on Getting Started.


Careful cutting is the key to making your FOLDed work well. It is possible to cut out the shapes using scissors, but I prefer to use an X-acto knife with a no. 11 blade.

X-Acto Knife
CAUTION: These blades are extremely sharp, so you must handle the knife with care. Safety goggles or glasses are recommended. Sometimes the tiny pointed tip can snap off if you apply too much pressure.

A steel ruler with a cork back to prevent slipping may also be useful for making long, straight cuts.


I also use a self-healing cutting mat as a surface to work on. The mat protects my desktop from the blades and prolongs the life of the cutting blade.

Cutting Mat


Before you begin inserting tabs into slots, it is very helpful to pre-fold along all the dashed lines. It is not always easy to tell which way to make some of the folds until you begin assembly, but even a fold in the wrong direction will make it easier later when you are inserting the tabs.

A pre-folded FOLDed


FOLDeds do not need any tape or glue, but if you want to make some connections more stable and permanent, you can easily apply adhesives where required. Ordinary tape or glue sticks are sufficient.


I have made some animated videos to help show how your FOLDed is assembled. It’s hard to show all the little details, but if you watch the animation you will have a much cleared idea of how to proceed.


Do you have some helpful tips you would like to share?
Send me a comment and I will post the best ones here.

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